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Work/Life Balance: The Truth

There is no such thing as the perfect work/life balance or work/life balance in general. There I said it. Everyone take a deep breath with me. As I am on my wannabe superwoman recovery journey I have come to terms with the fact that I can’t fit everything I want and need to do in a day. Sometimes even a week. There are not enough hours in the day and my body was not created for a chaotic life such as that. Here’s the truth:

If you want to achieve goals and make things happen in your life, someone or something will have to sacrifice.

I have things to juggle.. time with Jesus, my business, my kid, the kids I watch part-time, my husband, friends, my health, random life responsibilities, ect. and it is impossible for all of those things to be taken care of in a day, sometimes even a week, if I want to have a healthy mind, body, and spirit. So something or someone is always going to have to sacrifice. And guess what?

That is OKAY.

In my head there is a big pendulum.. and sometimes it swings more towards family, and my husband, and my self care, and sometimes it swings more toward work, and friends, and random responsibilities. And back and forth it goes.. sometimes staying longer on one side and longer on the other. And things get left to side and untouched and then eventually I am able to care for those things again. And in the meantime everything and everyone has a whole lot of GRACE because we are human and that’s what we do for each other.

We turn to Jesus to fill our needs instead of others and praise him when others are able to love one another like He shows us. And sometimes we pay a late fee or get a nasty email because we can’t do it all and that’s okay too. We are all doing the best we can to follow our dreams, love others like Christ loves the church, and keep the IRS off our backs for crazy stuff you can’t make up (currently :D).

Deep breaths people.. You are doing great! won’t you tell somebody else that too?

-Kira Nicole

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