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Callie’s 1st Birthday // Personal Post

And just like that we have a one year old! We decided to keep her one year portraits simple. When I looked back on all the pictures from her first year of life (and yes there are a lot) the ones that mean the most to me are the ones that show the authentic moments. So yes, I washed my hair, and we put on real clothes, and I cleared some of the plastic toys out of our family room, but Kelsey did such a great job capturing our simple little life together. The portraits outside were taken right in our neighborhood where we take our walks. Of course Callie wanted to run around in the inner circle of our traffic circle, so we had cars passing by admiring her toddling around with her balloon. Some of my favorite memories from her first year of life include: how she would open her mouth and shake her head like a baby bird when getting ready to nurse, snuggling and sleeping with us in our bed, how much she loved eating snow during the record breaking snowfall, how she latched onto the Chicago Bears teddy bear, how she attacked watermellon the first time she had it, our walks to Starbucks and the park when we were off work, dressing up as cows for free Chick-Fil-A, when she saw the beach for the first time, and all our trips to Target. We love the way Callie loves other people and kids, how she loves to swim, how she says “uh” for everything, how much she loves Minnie Mouse, how she snuggles baby dolls and stuffed animals, how she gives lots of kisses, and how much joy she brings to our family. We love you so much baby girl and can’t wait to continue to watch you grow! <3

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