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Engagement Sessions / Best of 2022

I wanted to share some images from a few engagement sessions I photographed in 2022.

My couples are just so gosh darn cute 🙂 They make may job easy, to be honest.

There were a variety of locations I photographed last year including the water, cities, woods, gardens, fields, and all over Maryland really!

I have to say.. my favorite locations are always waterfront! That must be because I grew up on the water.

I usually ask my couples what vibe they are going for and then choose a location for their engagement sessions I love based on that.

Sometimes my couples choose two outfits to wear, but most of the time we just do one. The engagement session is usually short and sweet, and we spend time chatting and getting to know one another so we are comfortable with each other once wedding day arrives.

I like to give prompts such as “hold hands and walk together, and as you are walking go in towards each other and back out.” It creates natural looking images and the occasional natural laugh when something inevitable doesn’t go right.

This year I will be photographing some sessions in couples homes and neighborhoods. It’s great to choose a location that you feel comfortable in so you can be at ease during your session.

I love that you can look back on these images and remember exactly what life was like leading up to your marriage.

I hope you enjoy a few images from my 2022 engagement sessions!


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