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The Truth About Pregnancy #2 // Myth Busters Series

Still cooking y’all! Good news is the Doc said I’m 1/2 cm dilated and my cervix is thinning, so my body has just started the process! I go to the Doc every Wednesday, which is painful (checking the cervix for dilation is no joke! A lot of pressure– literally), but fun to see how I am progressing. Fortunately I have more time for some more truths about pregnancy! 🙂

In this post I am going to share some truths about changes to my body I experienced during pregnancy, as well as a common side affect you hear about and the truth behind it. This is going to get real real, so again if you think there is such a thing as TMI, then click elsewhere! Here we go!

1) Enlarged, darkened nipples. Like dark purple nipples. Holy nipples! This was the first thing that changed and my goodness I thought they were going to take over my entire boob. Also, the tip of your nipple gets larger (more bumpy) to prepare for breast feeding. I also noticed small cracks, as well as a white discharge, called collusm, which is what the baby will drink before your milk comes in. So just prepare yourself (and possibly your hubby) for that!

2) “Morning Sickness” I would like to just go ahead and say that a man must have coined this term. Try… all the time sickness. I didn’t actually get sick (throw up) a lot, only two times I believe (with the exception of the week I had the stomach bug in January, in which I literally thought I was going to die), but I felt nauseous a lot. In fact.. I felt the most nauseous when I would lay down for bed at night. So I’m not sure why the word morning is used to describe this side affect, but just know that you will probably feel nauseous at all parts of the day! 

3) Belly changes: In my head I was thinking I would be showing A LOT sooner than I actually was. But it wasn’t until about 20 weeks till I actually looked preggo. That’s halfway through your pregnancy, which is actually sort of annoying since you have known you were pregnant for four months at that point and have been feeling different because of it, but I guess it’s good considering you have a lot of growing to do in the third trimester! That would just be way to much baby 😉 The other thing is the line down your stomach and the discoloration of your belly button. I get some extra dark spots thanks to a belly piercing. But that happens. And not everyone gets stretch marks. I haven’t, and I think that is mostly up to genetics (whether or not your mom got them) and how much weight you gain. But I know that is an assumption of most people! 

  Just keeping it real... this is my belly 37 weeks+
Just keeping it real… this is my belly 37 weeks+

I think that about does it for now! These are the biggest changes that stuck out to me during my pregnancy, though I’m sure there are more, depending on the person! If any of my past or present preggo friends think of something I missed, feel free to leave a comment about it below!

Next time I hope to share some valuable resources that I tapped into during my pregnancy that were super educational and enlightening! Hope you guys have a fabulous week!

<3 Kira Nicole 

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