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Kira’s Baby Shower // Personal Post

Over the weekend, my family & friends threw me a baby shower at Mom’s house in Annapolis! It was AWESOME! Like over the top because that’s the only thing my mother knows how to do! My dear friends Ashley, Dee, & Kait also helped make things and set everything up for this fancy affair & Kelsey documented the whole thing! I am so grateful! The morning of I got to go out to breakfast with my sweet friend Jess which was the perfect way to gear up for the event! We had games like guessing how big my belly was (which Kelsey conveniently won– maybe because she stands next to me shooting all the time?!), memorize what’s on the tray, gift bingo, and of course a homemade Photo Booth! I got lots of gifts off my registry which means I’m that much closer to popping out this baby! There was also Auntie Anne’s pretzels, a taco bar, and a desert bar.. yum yum YUM! As you can see, Callie girl is going to have a navy, coral, and peach nautical themed nursery! Can’t wait to share pictures of it in August! Still have a little ways to go there 😉 I hope you enjoy these images.. And THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who was a part of it! I don’t deserve to be spoiled by my friends and family like this, but I sure do appreciate every bit of it! <3 

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