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Callie at Christmas // Personal Post

Sometimes I forget to whip the fancy camera out to take portraits of my babe. I shoot so much for my business that sometimes I am happy keeping the camera in my bag for a couple days 😉 But now that my season has slowed down it’s nice to take my camera out and shoot just to be creative and document my little girl. She is obsessed with our Christmas tree which she lovingly calls “tee!” I was able to snag some pictures of her taking in all the magic that is a Christmas tree. I am so thankful that we are in such a healthier place this time of year and soak up the calm, peace, and love that can come from this time of year. We tried to go to two things that were festive and would have been exciting to see but the crowds were so insane we weren’t able to. Thankfully I am learning that the best memories are made doing simple things with the ones you love. I have really embraced slow and simple lately and it has drastically affected our ability to actually enjoy the holidays! With all that being said.. Enjoy some adorable shots of Miss Callie Jane! <3

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