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Callie 14 Months // Personal

Someone made this onsie for me when I was a baby so it’s so precious to see Callie in it now! Here are some of my favorite things about her in month 14. Her WILD hair. It is hardly ever tamed, just like her personality! Callie let’s you know what she wants and what’s on her mind whether you understand her or not! Her busy body personality. She LOVES people, but she is also content finding a little spot to sit and play with toys on her own. How she waves and says “hey” to people all the time! How she LOVES big girls and holding their hand! How she says “MMM” when she eats something delicious! How much she loves her grandparents. Pawpaw still gets the most snuggles.. we think it’s because he’s the most comfty! How she says “OH” every time she drops something. How she snuggles her stuffed animals. How she makes an “o” shape with her mouth when she gets excited about something. How she breaks it down to our favorite songs! Bad to the bone is the hit right now. How she walks with purpose. How she makes us smile every single day!

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