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Callie Jane Picture Dump // Baby Ramblings

So of course I’ve been taking pictures of Callie Jane on my nice camera but a lot of them never made it out of Lightroom onto the internet! I am getting so much better at printing my images and getting them into albums which has been great! Nothing will ever replace having an album with actual prints in your hands to reminisce about sweet memories. I have even made great progress on Callie’s baby book thanks to Project Life! My review of that coming eventually! For now I just want to do a picture dump of Callie from her first 5 months of life. Now even though these are all taken on my fancy pants camera doesn’t mean they all have the perfect light and composition! Because if you read this post last week you will know that I am moving towards capturing life exactly as it happens– and sometimes that just means crappy lighting, clutter, and pajamas. But it’s life and it’s beautiful and it’s worth documenting and remembering. So without more rambling… enjoy some images of our precious baby girl! <3 

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